doubt in the fact that a protein-rich diet is beneficial for t


There is no doubt in the fact that a protein-rich diet is beneficial for the scalp and hair. The consumption of lean meat, soya beans, soya milk, fish, and other proteins of this type, can make the scalp healthy and strong. This allows for better hair growth. It is also responsible for curbing hair loss in human beings. The protein-rich food is good for keratin production as well. 

·         Massaging your scalp



The scalp massage is quite important. It allows good circulation in the scalp. The hair follicle becomes very active during this, and it must be done regularly for a couple of minutes. Lavender and almond oil must be added to the oil mix ture to make it more nutritious for the scalp. Sesame oil also acts as a perfect product for hair care. 

·         Do not brush wet hair

The hairs are weak when they are wet, so it is not a good idea to brush your hair without letting them dry. The rigorous brushing can cause the hair to fall immediately. You should avoid brushing your wet hair at any cost. This causes serious hair damage, and for weaker hair, a huge amount of hair fall. Wet hairs are stretched by 20-30%, in this situation, do not roughly brush them, as they will be going to snap like an elastic.

·         Vegetative products

Products like garlic and orange juice along with ginger juice can provide your hair proper bounce and shine, which is only seen when the hair is healthy and strong. These are perfect hair products which keep the hair in a thriving condition. 

·         Hydrating your hair